Let's Talk oh NINE!

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Another year has come and gone... so here are the highlights and lowlights of 2009!


1. RAY-BANS! 30 pair of sunglasses anyone?


3. Iron Springs

4. Getting into the college of my dreams.

5. Beauty and the Beast. I was grate!

6. Getting a car and naming him Reggie

7. SENIOR YEAR! Only 5 more months.

8. My new found love for Taylor Swift and guitar.

9. Raising Brando.

10. Finishing my room! Painting my closet by myself!

11. Heroes. 30 Rock. The Office. Family Guy. It’s Always Sunny. For getting me through it all.

12. “All my single ladies, All my single ladies” Enough said.

13. Getting good grades for senior year.

14. TILF. (Open to interpretation)

15. Seattle.

16. Being healthy for the first time ever, too healthy.

17. Vegetarian.

18. Harry Potter! All seven again!

19. Princess and the Frog for bringing back my childhood.

20. Being 17. Look out world one step closer to 18


  1. Problem Solving aka first “D” ever.
  2. Hip problems. OUCH!
  3. Jay Cutler
  4. The Broncos great start but huge failure.
  5. Drama-friends, friends, friends! “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow” William Shakespeare
  6. Falling in and out of love.
  7. ( Blank on purpose) Open to interpretation.
  8. Getting denied 20 times from different jobs. 6 interviews later I am still unemployed.
  9. Losing phone.
  10. Texting.
  11. New Moon. Just Twilight in general.
  12. Musical try-outs and results.
  13. Powder-puff.

A Twit for Twat?

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I love this. So true.

Chatfield proudly presents

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I just thought I would tell everyone that I did make it in the musical. I didn't get the part I wanted but I got in the chorus and hopefully if I am lucky my director will give me my dream role of the bald lady. Since that has been my dream since I was about 5. But that is still up in the air but I should have at least one line. I am really looking forward to it. The performance dates are Feb 26,27,28 2009. SO if you can make it should be amazing. I guess I had forgotten how much I love the atmosphere and the people. Theater is the best place to make friends and I love it and am so excited for this.


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What more is there to say really.

This made me laugh.

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Everyone knows how much I love SNl and this was so funny I had to share it.

Funniest video ever!

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So I thought I would cheer everyone up with a laughter. ENJOY!

Declare Yourself!

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As many of you know, I have a disease or an addiction rather, called sunglassism. It is where it is impossible for me to just walk by the rack of sunglasses in your local store, but must walk up find a suitable pair and try them on. Now I have sought treatment of this disorder, but it is impossible to cure. So over the past year as the addiction has grown more pronounce I have started to collect a great number of sunglasses, 11 to be precise- and have lost a few along the way as well. But now I am faced with the struggle to decide my favorite pair. So I decided that in the spirit of the upcoming election I would put it to a vote. I would like each person who comments to rank their top three favorite pairs of sunglasses. In a few weeks I will post pictures of the winners.

Pair A- My small aviators
Pair B- My red Chanel
Pair C- My white Aviators
Pair D- Yellow
Pair E- The bigger turtle shell print
Pair F- Basic big black
Pair G- Turtle shell
Pair H- Posh inspired aviators
Pair I- Prada knock off with gold sides
Pair J- Purple Sparkles
Pair K- Paris Hilton inspired